Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tag: Top 10 TV series actresses

Heya! I have been kind enough to tag myself to do this top. :)) It's most definitely going to be a very cute one, just continue reading.

Here it goes:

#10 Jennifer Garner

You probably know her from Significant Others, Time of Your LifeFelicity or Alias.

#09 Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

This brunette might be familiar to you from: Nash Bridges, Dharma & Greg, Boston Legal, The Evidence, Prison Break or Two and a Half Men.

#08 Jenna Elfman

You couldn't have missed her in one of the following series: Townies, Dharma & Greg, Courting Alex, Accidentally on Purpose, Two and a Half Men and Matumbo Goldberg.

#07 Zooey Deschanel

This actress/singer is better known for her movies than her roles in TV series, but you've seen her by now in New Girl.

#06  Naya Rivera

She's beautiful, she's talented and she's acted in: Family Matters, The Royal Family, The Bernie Mac Show and Glee.

#05 Mila Kunis

She's famous for acting in series such as: Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, 7th Heaven, That '70s Show, Robot Chicken (voice) and Family Guy (voice).

#04 Eva Longoria

There's only one Eva and she's acted in: Dragnet, The Young and the Restless and Desperate Housewives.

#03 Melanie Lynskey 

There is no TV fan who has not seen her in one of the series:  Drive, The Life & Times of Tim, Two and a Half Men.

#02 Lea Michele

Although she's been more on Broadway than on TV, she's currently acting in Glee.

#01 Rachel Bilson

Not only an actress, but also a fashion icon, she's known for playing Summer in The O.C. and Dr. Zoe Hart in Hart of Dixie.

I hope you've all enjoyed the top and you'll find your favorites among mine.
XO, gals.

Monday, 31 October 2011

New mini-haul

Did it again! :) Bought (un?)necessary stuff again, most of them thanks to some of the Romanian beauty bloggers (hope you're glad I'll be running out of money soon if I keep buying things out of curiosity).

This one I received but it's still in the haul for you to comment on it

I bought this thanks to Classy and Pink; she's been kind enough to sent one to try out. Had to ''try" it again, of course.

Once I got home with it I had to test it. I hope we'll get along fine.

Tested already: it won't work well with heavy polished nails.

I already regret buying it. It does nothing for my rebellious and frizzy hair, so far.

It does make my hair smoother than other conditioners, but it won't disentangle it; on the contrary, it just drives me crazy.

To be tested. Fingers crossed

Best thing I've used so far with regard to intimate hygiene

The ones that are never too many. :))

with flashlight

I'll be glad to receive any suggestions and opinions on the products, whether you've tested them or you're thinking of buying them.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mini fashion haul :D

I usually don't do hauls, except this one :)) Well, these are things that I like A LOT and I had this impulse to share it with everyone.

I know there's the pixelate effect around it a but that's just because I couldn't stand the flashlight (see the little white square) being there. It cost me about 10$ and it's a no name item. I'll also add a picture of the back, which is way more interesting.

Same thing with the pixels... I tried it on and I couldn't undress after because I felt so good in it... well...I'll look good enough after a couple of weeks of abs workout. It's free size but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that wears S or M size clothes.

And now the 'thing' I've been actually waiting for for 2 weeks. I've tried to get these from the offline shop, but they constantly assured me they would ask for my size too, which they didn't. Therefore I went online to bb*up what shoes and ordered them.

It might sound silly, but I'm so happy that I finally bought them.

HELP needed: if you happen to bump into any accessible Romanian online shop that sells short to medium woolen winter coats, please share!

Have a great week! XO

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My experience with sugaring/ waxing/ parissa

Funny thing when you start thinking 'Hey, I can do that thing too' and the thing is a boiled composition made of sugar, water and lemon juice. That's how you get 'sugar wax' and it's explained in hundreds of vids on Youtube, in English, French, German, Spanish and many more, you just have to look for them.

One day I had that thought and it led me to...medium-low heated mixture boiling out of my pot. Turned it to low-heat (if you've seen it you know what I mean) but it kept 'erupting' so I gave up. For good. Then turned to the pros.

That's some random guy that just made a fool of himself on my blog too. But even though I wasn't that hairy :D, the product was super efficient. They say you should apply the strips again if some of the hair is still there, but I had no trouble after the first attempt.

This helped me do my underarms and my legs and I still got half a jar. That's because I used too much, just to be on the safe side.

Weeks after, I decided to try their body sugar.

I was so relieved that it needed only water to wash off, because it had disappointed me. Or maybe I was the one that couldn't handle it as well as the warm wax. But I am never gonna try this at home alone again.

Another products of theirs that did not impress me much were the actual:

+ they do quite a good job
- you have to rub them in your palms until they are warm enough, detach them into two and use them in the needing areas; most of the times, the wax stays on one side and the other looks so...clean and it's therefore not that economical

I will however give a biiiiiiig plus to:
- the azulene oil (the little blue bottle) that helped me remove the wax
- the washable and reusable strips which are probably reusable only if you're sugaring and not waxing yourself

Keep your fingers crossed because next on my list is:

You can check their online catalog, they have a lots of products and the one that I am really dying to try out is:

Hopefully I'll survive to keep you posted about my (mis)adventures with regard to hair removal.

Oh, yeah, parissa didn't pay me to write anything about them in no way. Their products are not exclusive and you can find them even in hypermarkets. Ciao, belle! XO
What type of wax do you use at home? I'd be glad to read about your faves.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

He says, she says?

Being a girl seems so stressful at times. What to put on, if your shoes fir the outfit, if that's color blocking or a sign that you should change clothes, if there's too much drama added to your lashes, if you forgot to add some blush to you cheeks, lots of ifs and lots of worries.

Of course, it's much easier to be a guy, right? They always buy shirts that need no ironing, they don't mind wearing the same pair of jeans two days in a row, they rarely use lip balm and perfume themselves in a correct way. Ok, I did not forget about the ones that spend more time in font of the mirror than I do but let's face it: those can hardly qualify as good catches for a girl. Unless you are open to receive plenty of advice regarding your hairstyle, make up, lifestyle and whatnot from a guy.

What would you do girls if a guy, a boy, a man, finally some living creature with authentic male reproductive organs would tell you the following: (?)
- I want to kiss you now. Do you think you can get rid of that gloss on your lips? No, I am not comfortable with basically eating it. Are you?

- Wait a minute, gonna wash my mouth. I think it's because your perfume. I don't know where have you read that it's ok to spray the 'kissable' areas with it. Here, have a try! Pooh! Tasty, huh?
- Haven't you been dramatic enough so far? I'm not crying about that, it's just that your false lashes keep getting in my eyes.

- That pink eye shadow and lipstick looks trashy. I don't want people to think that I'm dating some Nicki Minaj wannabe.

- Honey, you know when I told you that lenses don't bother me? I didn't mean this color.

- Since you've got a new manicure, you hardly give me any massage.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

TAGz :-)

This is gonna be a hell of a tag, full of photos since I am not really good at sticking to plans.
First, I wanna start with a cute one, kindly (or so I hope) shared by Andreea from A Beauty Tale.

And here we go:

  • Favorite magazine. I don't think I have one. Back in highschool I used to read Tabu because it had many spicy and funny articles and I am currently subscribed to Cosmopolitan, FHM and AskMen's newsletters but I rarely open them. 
  • Favorite color. I'm having trouble deciding between red and blue and I'd also add shades of black. What can I say? I like to play it cool.

  • Favorite series. That's easy. This one has never disappointed me.

It's The Big Bang Theory
  • Favorite TV programme(s). The Ross Kemp Series, The Graham Norton Show and American Chopper
  • Favorite book. It's probably Pride and Prejudice because it's the story that every girl dreams of, at a certain age. 
  • Favorite song. Uh, that does not necessarily change, but it's dictated by the mood. 

  • Favorite movie. I now think of John Cusack and his boombox from Say Anything..., but I'll stick to:

  • Favorite blog. It's got to do with everything. It's
  • Favorite singer. Maybe Michael Bublé. 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

What does one thing got to do with another?

I usually don't trust doctors that much, no matter what their specialization is. I am mostly afraid that I'm going to suffer more if I end up on the hands of someone who is careless with regard to his work and patients. Due to this fear, I started to avoid 'real' doctors - flesh and bones - and look for more info on the internet: different sites, forums, specialized blogs in order to 'treat' myself or, better yet, to prevent damaging affections.

I am sure that most of you have heard of Dr. Oz, mainly from Oprah and later on, his own show.

Friday, 19 August 2011

My experience with anti-dandruff products

Back in my teens, I never had major hair problems except for the split ends, a situation that urged for frequent visits to the hairstylist's. I don't remember having a favorite shampoo or sticking with a certain brand or smell, they all worked for me.
Later on, I went to university and bought - for the first time ever - a shampoo all by myself :)) I *knew* that it didn't matter what was it, so I picked this one:

It must have been ok for a while, until I started to notice small white flakes spreading at their ease throughout my hair. It did nothing more than embarass me and it looked like this (moreless):

Giveaways de august

My precious readers... aia mica & cute & rea a.k.a. Iulia C. a.k.a. Sunt Frumoasa are inca un giveaway in desfasurare, de data aceasta pe Fatacarte :))

Sper sa castig pentru ca e vorba de nici mai mult nici mai putin decat setul ALA de pensule de la Sigma, sau mai fancy spus: Make Me Up Kit by Sigma, varianta Make Me Cool (Aqua) :D

Regulile, cat si giveaway-ul/concursul, se gasesc pe pagina de Facebook a blogului si timp aveti pana pe 31 august sa participati!


Giveaway si la Septembrie, Joi, din seria One year of bloggin' giveaway, partea a 3-a, sponsorizat de Zenith, unde sunt puse la bataie trei premii. Dar pana la sfarsitul concursului (25 august) aveti timp sa intrati pe site, sa aflati detaliile si sa participati.


As fi neserioasa daca nu as spune si despre giveaway-ul Adelei Sirghie:

Nu stiu cat de multe va spune imaginea de mai sus, dar este sugestiva pentru premiul giveaway-ului: un parfum. Cum puteti sa il castigati aflati daca intrati pe blog si participati pana pe data de 13 septembrie.


Pentru cei care nu au aflat inca, desi ma indoiesc de asta, Deia a pregatit si ea o surpriza pentru toti cei care ii citesc blogul: un giveaway sponsorizat de ThBoxes, care va fi deschis pentru participare pana la 1 septembrie. 

Daca as castiga la giveaway-ul ei, probabil mi-as alege asta:

So that's it, folks! Sper sa aveti bafta la giveaways, oriunde ati participa!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Bad habits never die

Apparently, I can't keep up with anything. Not even with the 100 days picture challenge :))
Don't hate me for this post, it's going to be a catch up which will include about 19 pictures :))

Day 3 - a picture of the cast from your favorite show.
Actually, I hate this show!
Bazinga! You've once again fallen for one of my classic pranks. )) It's The Big Bang Theory, of course.

Day 4 - a picture of your favorite hair accesories

Well, I love braided headbands of this type:

And also hair combs moreless like this one:

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Random + Makeup Diary giveaway

Last year I discovered this Versace yellow mini dress that Shakira wore at the 2009 edition of the American Music Awards and I keep wondering if there would be someone willing to copy it and still look good. I have it bookmarked and just can't get enough of it. Yeah, I know it's not the latest collection but I sooooooo do't care. It's not like I'm gonna ever have enough dough to buy an original Versace dress. Any suggestion?

Also, while looking online for upper body exercises, I stumbled upon an article that eventually led me to this:

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Giveaways by Iulia C

In primul rand, asa cum a zis si Iulia, multe fete au fost dezamagite de schimbarea regulilor la Sigma. Dar am banuit eu ca va urma un giveaway de la

Nici mai mult, nici mai putin decat setul de pensule Make Me Up de la Sigma:

Giveaway-ul va fi deschis doar pana pe 15 august, asa ca bagati mare!

In al doilea rand, tot Iulia a pus la bataie si un mare set mare de produse Balea. Nu toate fetele au dm-uri in oras, asa ca e ocazia perfecta de a castiga provizii pentru mult timp de-acu incolo:

Acest giveaway se va incheia tot pe data de 15 august, asa ca poate aveti sansa macar la unul din premii :D

Va pup si va doresc bafta!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Giveaway Cristina sponsorizat de

Alaturi de, Cristina promite sa ii ofere o sedinta de shopping therapy uneia dintre cele care se va inscrie la giveaway-ul ei.

Mai pe scurt, mai pe lung, premiul valoreaza 150 de lei care vor putea fi schimbati in produse, la alegere de pe unul din site-urile, sau

Pentru mine e prima data cand aud de, asa ca am aruncat un ochi pe site, am ajuns nu stiu cum la sectiunea ce trateaza articole vizand shoppingul si m-am oprit la un post cu Mare, soare, vacanta, plimbare, look fresh pentru incaltarile astea super dragute:

Asadar, daca vreti sa va inscrieti la giveaway aveti timp pana pe data de 1 septembrie. Bafta!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Mini giveaway winner!

Sumar: s-au inscris 28 de fete la acest giveaway, niciuna nu a fost descalificata insa nu au fost luate in considerare cateva intrari suplimentare, din doua motive: fie giveaway-ul era distribuit prin intermediul paginii de Facebook care promoveaza blogul si nu cea personala (adica nu au fost luate in considerare paginile cu like-uri), fie link-ul catre giveaway nu mai era disponibil sau de negasit. Andreea (A beauty tale), Federova, Miu Miu si Laura au beneficiat de cate un bonus entry pentru ca ma urmareau dinainte de giveaway (ceea ce am scris si in reguli).

Mi-au placut mult raspunsurile voastre, chiar daca unele fete doar au precizat numele cartii si voi tine cont de sugestii pentru lecturile de pe viitor. Va multumesc pentru ca ati participat si pentru ca v-ati luat din timp pentru mai mult decat click-uri, pentru a impartasi din experienta voastra cu lumea cartilor si totodata pentru a impartasi despre voi in acest fel. Sunteti niste femei frumoase si inteligente si imi pare bine ca am ajuns sa va cunosc chiar si virtual. V-am pupat!

Acestea au fost inscrierile:

Iar castigatoarea, stabilita dupa randomizarea listei cu inscrierile de 3 ori e:

Click pe poza pentru marire

Felicitari, papusa! Te astept sa ma contactezi pe Facebook sau pe e-mail alex_sup3rgirl at yahoo dot com
Premiul de consolare pentru celelalte minuni care au participat: multi pupici. Sa nu aveti regrete pentru ca ati participat, there's always tomorrow and the day after tomorrow si tot asa.

O sa adaug si ca voi lipsi un timp de pe blog, o mica-mare pauza gen o luna. Le am si eu pe ale mele, ca multa lume de altfel si prefer sa ma descurc cu ele singura. O sa imi fie dor de voi, that's for sure!


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