Friday, 19 August 2011

My experience with anti-dandruff products

Back in my teens, I never had major hair problems except for the split ends, a situation that urged for frequent visits to the hairstylist's. I don't remember having a favorite shampoo or sticking with a certain brand or smell, they all worked for me.
Later on, I went to university and bought - for the first time ever - a shampoo all by myself :)) I *knew* that it didn't matter what was it, so I picked this one:

It must have been ok for a while, until I started to notice small white flakes spreading at their ease throughout my hair. It did nothing more than embarass me and it looked like this (moreless):

Note that it's hard to find an ideal representation of what you're searching for on the internet. 

I didn't do much at first. Most of it was hidden under the strands, at the root and whenever I happened to see some at the surface I just ran my fingers through the hair and it got lost.

I briefly used these two shampoons, which irritated my scalp and I got rid of them. They didn't work on my problem, either:

the antidandruff version

the repair version

After a while it got a bit worse and it was at that time that I decided to take a life changing decision: I would change my shampoo to....:

It's so funny right now if I stop to think of. But I was clearly so naïve back then.
Of course it didn't work. It just got worse and way too visible.
Another mistake came soon after. While watching TV, I saw an ad for - apparently - a revolutionary shampoo against dandruff. Bought this one, too:

After another month of desperate trying, I went to investigate the matter on the internet. I never had much confidence in doctors and thought that online testimonies were probably provided by people with dandruff history and after reading pages and pages of forum activity debating the condition, one fine morning I left home in search of the single drugstore in town that sold this:

It only took me 1 week to get to this effect with the help of this shampoo:

I was desperate but refused to see a 'pro'. I then went to the drugstore for this:

It was better, less visible but still there. And now here comes the part that you're never going to believe.
Almost 2 years ago, while shopping, there was a shampoo+conditioner promotion: 2 for the price of 1. a few variants, too, just not the andi-dandruff one. I then remembered something that I've read online and didn't pay much attention at because I was convinced there was no such thing as to 'hydrate your scalp' and regenerate your hair in order to get rid of these little horrible white flakes.

Eventually I said what the heck and bought it. Best choice ever after what university to go to :))


Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner (2 separate items) for Accumulate Damage.

Note that this was my experience and it might not do wonders on your scalp, too. I'm sure that there are plenty of specialized shampoos that do their job and others less harmful than Dove that would repair the hair, but I'm just too afraid to start it all over again in case they don't work. I won't advise you to follow in my steps unless you've pretty much used what I've used until Dove. It's probably not the best option available but, as I've said, I am reluctant at trying something new and potentially harmful so I adjust it from time to time with homemade hair mask, that I will discuss in future posts.

I do hope you don't have similar problems but if you experienced something alike, feel free to share from your knowledge.

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