Saturday, 27 August 2011

What does one thing got to do with another?

I usually don't trust doctors that much, no matter what their specialization is. I am mostly afraid that I'm going to suffer more if I end up on the hands of someone who is careless with regard to his work and patients. Due to this fear, I started to avoid 'real' doctors - flesh and bones - and look for more info on the internet: different sites, forums, specialized blogs in order to 'treat' myself or, better yet, to prevent damaging affections.

I am sure that most of you have heard of Dr. Oz, mainly from Oprah and later on, his own show.
OK, TV is just for business and a money making tool, but when I watch this guy it reminds me of Jamie Oliver, for instance. What do they have in common? I'd say passion. Yes, they have a TV show. Yes, they sell books. Yes, they get free stuff because they're so famous. But I also think they're two of the few people that are genuinely passionate about what they do and very aware of the impact they have on other people's lives.

What it takes to be a great chef, doctor, teacher, or even politician? It is not enough to be good at what you do if you're not passionate about it and do not realize how influential you might be, no matter if you could change the life of a person or of a country.

Some highlights:

bread and tomato soup

herb marinated chicken

chargrilled tuna with oregano oil and beautifully dressed peas and broad beans


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anti-aging green monster drink

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crush your craving with 5 appetite-suppressing foods

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