Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Random + Makeup Diary giveaway

Last year I discovered this Versace yellow mini dress that Shakira wore at the 2009 edition of the American Music Awards and I keep wondering if there would be someone willing to copy it and still look good. I have it bookmarked and just can't get enough of it. Yeah, I know it's not the latest collection but I sooooooo do't care. It's not like I'm gonna ever have enough dough to buy an original Versace dress. Any suggestion?

Also, while looking online for upper body exercises, I stumbled upon an article that eventually led me to this:
Dr. Hideto Tomabechi claims that the frenquences of the 'song' are likely to 'increase the breast size' with 2cm if you are willing to listen to it for 20 times a day. And there's also a download link :))))))
All I can say today is have fun with it, but there's gonna be a day when I'll want to see the results :))))))
PS: I have found the needed stuff.

And now about Makeup Diary's Huge ''Just Because'' Thank You giveaway: not much to say, just that it's pretty awesome and it's going to have 3 winners.

First prize:

Second prize:


Third prize:


What'ya waiting for? You'll have until September 1 to enter and win :D


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