Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mini fashion haul :D

I usually don't do hauls, except this one :)) Well, these are things that I like A LOT and I had this impulse to share it with everyone.

I know there's the pixelate effect around it a but that's just because I couldn't stand the flashlight (see the little white square) being there. It cost me about 10$ and it's a no name item. I'll also add a picture of the back, which is way more interesting.

Same thing with the pixels... I tried it on and I couldn't undress after because I felt so good in it... well...I'll look good enough after a couple of weeks of abs workout. It's free size but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that wears S or M size clothes.

And now the 'thing' I've been actually waiting for for 2 weeks. I've tried to get these from the offline shop, but they constantly assured me they would ask for my size too, which they didn't. Therefore I went online to bb*up what shoes and ordered them.

It might sound silly, but I'm so happy that I finally bought them.

HELP needed: if you happen to bump into any accessible Romanian online shop that sells short to medium woolen winter coats, please share!

Have a great week! XO

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