Tuesday, 11 October 2011

My experience with sugaring/ waxing/ parissa

Funny thing when you start thinking 'Hey, I can do that thing too' and the thing is a boiled composition made of sugar, water and lemon juice. That's how you get 'sugar wax' and it's explained in hundreds of vids on Youtube, in English, French, German, Spanish and many more, you just have to look for them.

One day I had that thought and it led me to...medium-low heated mixture boiling out of my pot. Turned it to low-heat (if you've seen it you know what I mean) but it kept 'erupting' so I gave up. For good. Then turned to the pros.

That's some random guy that just made a fool of himself on my blog too. But even though I wasn't that hairy :D, the product was super efficient. They say you should apply the strips again if some of the hair is still there, but I had no trouble after the first attempt.

This helped me do my underarms and my legs and I still got half a jar. That's because I used too much, just to be on the safe side.

Weeks after, I decided to try their body sugar.

I was so relieved that it needed only water to wash off, because it had disappointed me. Or maybe I was the one that couldn't handle it as well as the warm wax. But I am never gonna try this at home alone again.

Another products of theirs that did not impress me much were the actual:

+ they do quite a good job
- you have to rub them in your palms until they are warm enough, detach them into two and use them in the needing areas; most of the times, the wax stays on one side and the other looks so...clean and it's therefore not that economical

I will however give a biiiiiiig plus to:
- the azulene oil (the little blue bottle) that helped me remove the wax
- the washable and reusable strips which are probably reusable only if you're sugaring and not waxing yourself

Keep your fingers crossed because next on my list is:

You can check their online catalog, they have a lots of products and the one that I am really dying to try out is:

Hopefully I'll survive to keep you posted about my (mis)adventures with regard to hair removal.

Oh, yeah, parissa didn't pay me to write anything about them in no way. Their products are not exclusive and you can find them even in hypermarkets. Ciao, belle! XO
What type of wax do you use at home? I'd be glad to read about your faves.

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