Monday, 31 October 2011

New mini-haul

Did it again! :) Bought (un?)necessary stuff again, most of them thanks to some of the Romanian beauty bloggers (hope you're glad I'll be running out of money soon if I keep buying things out of curiosity).

This one I received but it's still in the haul for you to comment on it

I bought this thanks to Classy and Pink; she's been kind enough to sent one to try out. Had to ''try" it again, of course.

Once I got home with it I had to test it. I hope we'll get along fine.

Tested already: it won't work well with heavy polished nails.

I already regret buying it. It does nothing for my rebellious and frizzy hair, so far.

It does make my hair smoother than other conditioners, but it won't disentangle it; on the contrary, it just drives me crazy.

To be tested. Fingers crossed

Best thing I've used so far with regard to intimate hygiene

The ones that are never too many. :))

with flashlight

I'll be glad to receive any suggestions and opinions on the products, whether you've tested them or you're thinking of buying them.

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