Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trimming your hair at home: say what?

I know a couple of girls terrified by the bangs that have grown since their last visit to the hairstylist's. Calm down, you don't have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment, just grab some scissors.

Cut a bit from here, a bit over there....but the hair doesn't look better even if it's shorter. You then tell yourself never to do that again. But it's hard not to. That's why it's best to be sure you follow some simple 'rules':

  • take a little time when you plan to cut your hair; if you're on the run or during lunch break, any try will be destined to fail
  • cut only the strands you can see; it's hard to cut 'in the mirror' because you have an over the shoulder view of yourself
  • call a friend for help, your sister or your mother; carefully explain your intentions
  • it's hard to cut a wet hair, especially its ends; you might want to dry your hair, although it's harder to gather the strands
  • if you happen to cut the hair of a kid, it's important to keep him still, you don't want to hurt him; calm him with audiobooks, for example
  • always have clean scissors and combs that are designed for this purpose; don't use the paper scissors or the domestic ones; these special scissors got a very sharp edge that helps cutting, while other scissors would only bend your hair and make a wrong cut

Special scissors are/got:
  • fine-tooth edges
  • one edge with large enough teeth that models the hair
  • large teeth on both sides
  • accompanied by 15-18 cm combs made of rubber or bone

This Saturday I'm gonna make someone's life a bit miserable. Mom's gonna see her hairstylist and the poor thing will have to put up with my instructions. You can hire me to terrorize your hairstylist, too! :))

Big kisses!

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