Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hair vs/and sun

Many girls have talked about how important is to take care of your skin if you arre exposed to sunrays and whether it is bad or not to use bronzer instead.
Moreover, after reading about Laura's advice on taking care of our precious lips, I thought it to be appropriate to say a few words about hair protection. I go. :)
For those of you who do not know it yet, not only the skin but the hair is also passive for negative changes due to ultraviolet rays. Under their influence, the effect upon the hair is similar to the one of perhydrol, the old agent used for hair bleaching. The pigments self-destruct , the hair gets a lighter shade and his structure becomes porous. For this process to happen, there is no need of wet hair; the regular air humidity and hair moisture will do the job because the sun evaporates the moisture needed by hair keratin and this makes the hair dry and rigid.

Protect your hair in the summer:

  • use concoctions with ultraviolet filters ( lacquer, wet effect gels and moisturizer)
  • use softer shampoo containing nutrients that keep the scalp moist
  • use curative concoctions with moisturizing factors
  • use sun hats or a bandana to cover your hair
  • if you decide to give your hair a perm, that should take place with at least one week before sun exposure

Some final advice:

  1. while at the beach, it is best to use hats with large brims or oversized bandanas, most effective for perm or dyed hair 
  2. after bathing, rinse the hair with freshwater because the salt and chlorine are very harmful, especially under sun rays
  3. the gel with ultraviolet filters weakens sunlight's negative action upon your hair color and strength (take it into consideration when swimming)

You can now go and enjoy yourselves in what's left of this summer.
In addition, I'd like to give this heartful award

to all my blog followers. You are all beautiful to me! Kisses!

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