Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hair care (routine?)

Hello, world! Hi, girls! I've been dying to get my hands on the blog lately. The last weeks have been intense, with both school and personal life occupying my time. But I am not online again (at last) to talk about my personal life because this blog is all about the joy of life. The life of personal care, of make-up, of fashion, and of trends (why not?).

In this first post of the year I want to share with you my weekly routine regarding hair care and a few tips that will help you take a better care of your hair.


I use to brush my hair twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to sleep. To do that, I always use a wooden comb/brush. I never use a plastic tool, since my hair tends to get frizzy anyway and it does not need extra 'help'. I am pretty sure that most of you guys brush it the right way. Riiiight? Start brushing from the ends and go up. Not the other way! 

Tip: don't over-brush it. I'm aware that all movies and stories with princesses that got long hair say that you should run the comb/brush over your hair for 100 times. and it's got to be that exact number. In my opinion, that will only help you have a frizzy hair, considering that you're also using your hand (which is also a frizz ally). 

I 'perform this operation' once in 3 days and before washing my hair I always comb it because it's easier to deal with it in the shower. My regular product is Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo (and conditioner) for Accumulate Damage. I've written about it here. I rarely use a mask but when I do, I prefer the homemade ones, with natural ingredients.

Tip: take care when conditioning. If your hair tends to get oily quickly, you may want to avoid applying conditioner up to the roots (a situation that will likely get me dandruff).

Soaking up&drying
Do NOT rub the hair with the towel! It is likely to break because it's wet and a lot more fragile than in its dry condition. Press it gently instead until your hands hurt. Joking :D Just press it until the water stops dripping off your hair. I use to let it dry by itself, without any help. But then again, there are desperate times which call for desperate measures, i.e. you have to get someplace and the drier is your best option. Although my hair is just a bit wavy, I prefer to use a drier that incorporates the recommended tool for a curly hair: the mighty diffuser. In order to add more volume, just lower your head and roll back the hair while drying it.

Tip: Best towel would be a microfiber one that absorbs twice its weight and it dries quickly. 

What's your secret for a beautiful hair? Share some tips in the comments section.

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