Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tricky worldwide giveaways

Why "tricky"? Well, that's because the bloggers hosting the giveaways are Romanian and write in Romanian but when it comes to international brands sponsoring them, I think it's acceptable to give it a shot. I'll try to help with the rules, because who knows what Google will Translate for you.

At the moment, I decided not to enter these giveaways because in order to get a 10-15$ Sigma brush (for example), I'd have to travel to another city to pick it up and waste another 15$ on transport. As you can see, it's not really a worthy deal. BUT, if you win, I'd love to get that info.

I'll start with Lucia's giveaway.
She's now got more than 300 followers and she's giving away a Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80, like the one in the image:
 I do think she'll be kind enough to accept English writing, so here are the rules:
1. Follow her blog via GFC
2. Post on your blog about the giveaway, including an active link
3. Leave one single comment ON HER BLOG POST ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY with the following info: GFC name, what would you like to see on the blog (reviews, tutorials, celebrity-inspired make-ups), the link to your blog post about the giveaway and a valid e-mail address.
There's still time until 30.06.2011!


 Byutzika is hosting another Sigma-sponsored giveaway, this time offering an E25 Blending Brush:

The rules:
1. Follow her blog via GFC
2. Like her Facebook page
3. For an eXtra entry, post about the giveaway on your blog
4. For another eXtra entry, tell her what you'd like to see on her blog (i.e. types of make-up)
5. For one final eXtra entry, share the giveaway on your Facebook page, then use the print screen button to take a snap with your wall, paste it into paint, save it and send it via e-mail to

Leave all the necessary data in one comment: your GFC name, your Facebook name, a link to your post (optional), the answer to the question (optional) and a valid e-mail, no matter if you did send a print screen of your wall or not. You should enter the giveaway by 25.06.2011 (the initial deadline was 17.06, but she's so lovely that actually updated it).


Andreea's giveaway is made up of the wonderful Sigma Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Kabuki also known as Miss Taylor:

And the rules are:
1. Friend her on Facebook
2. Follow her blog via GFC
3. Optional: make a post about the giveaway and like her Facebook page, Lady's Blush. This is not a rule and it won't be counted in.
4. Leave a comment with your GFC name and Facebook name.
Do participate until 23.06.2011


One of the most attractive giveaways is hosted by Mad@ nails, and the generous prize is a Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black AND a Duo Fibre F50:

She's been kind enough to translate the rules for her beloved international readers, so that my only task would be to direct you to her blog, where you can join the giveaway until 10.07.2011


Sudessa's giveaway consists of a Sigma E25 blending brush:

And the rules now:
1. Follow her blog via GFC
2. Like her Facebook page
3. Post about the giveaway on your blog; if you don't have a blog, then you can share it on Facebook
Extra entries:
* Add her to your blogroll [+1]
* Send an e-mail to at least 3 friends with details about the giveaway and the link; add in the CC case [+1]
* copy this code:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt='create your own banner at!' border=0 /></a><br /><a href="">Make your own banner at!</a>
and put it in your side bar [+1]
At the end, leave a comment with everything you've done and a valid e-mail address in order to be enrolled into the giveaway by 01.08.2011


There are never enough girls/women to own a Sigma E25 blending brush, so Beauty Addict is hosting a giveaway for one lucky reader to get it:

The rules are also translated to English, therefore it's easy to enter here and take your chance by 15.07.2011


The adorable Miu Miu comes with one more Sigma giveaway and this is...the E25 blending brush.

Like she says, the rules are pretty simple:
1. Follow her blog via GFC
2. Like her Facebook page
* Extra entry: post about the giveaway on your blog or share it on Facebook. 
Of course, leave a comment with your GFC and Facebook name and the link to your post  (if you're looking for an extra entry).
Enter here by 24.06.2011 and follow the steps. 


A Sigma E25 blending brush is also the prize of the giveaway hosted by Ana-Maria 

The English rules give step-by-step explanations here and if you enter by 30.06.2011 you have strong chances to be the winner!


Deia's little beauty spot organized yet another Sigma giveaway and this time it's all about the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush:

You won't have any trouble reading the instructions here by 04.07.2011, because the rules are English-based. 


Now, for Endre's Sigma giveaway that will reward one of the readers with a Miss Taylor Kabuki Brush, you'll have to stick to these rules:
1. Friend her on Facebook
2. Like Sigma's official Facebook page
3. Leave a comment on Endre's Wall that should say "Particip la giveawayul Miss Taylor Kabuki" ("I attend the Miss Taylor Kabuki giveaway")
Extra chances:
* Follow the blog via GFC [+1]
* Post on your blog about the giveaway (picture included) OR share on Facebook if you don't own a blog.
Leave a comment here until 26.06.2011. This means that you'll enter your comment NOT on the blog, but through a Facebook post. If you only stick to the first three rules, then only enter with the text between the quotation marks. If you do what's required for the extra chances, then also ADD your GFC name and the link to your post in the same comment.

Oh, boy! Do you think you  can manage all these? I wish you all the luck in the world and if you win, do enjoy it! 

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