Sunday, 12 June 2011

Favorite videos of the day + (RO only!!!) giveaways

I sometimes feel a bit down and need some inspiration and advice, so I go through a couple of make-up this one:

You've probably found out by now how much fun you can have when using Sigma brushes! :D There are plenty of "make-up tutorials" on Youtube that shows 3,5,7-year old girls applying all sorts of beauty products on their face and most of them are so cute but I don't think they make a habit out of it, tho.

Couldn't help adding this video, too:

It may seem a bit ridiculous but I completely agree with one of the assertions, that goes something like this: you may think of yourself to be looking stunning, but others may perceive you like a clown, so be careful not to overdo it. Look twice in the mirror if you have any doubts or check a make-up tutorial. It's like a recipe: if it says you should add only 2 tbs. of sugar, it might not be ok to add some extra sugar thinking it won't hurt anyone. The same with your make-up. Don't think that if you add extra lipgloss it will persist more. You'd rather take it in your bag/purse/whatever and apply some later if needed.

Now I do have to announce some giveaways that are going on at the moment on Romanian(language)-based blogs.
You've probably seen similar posts in the past on this blog written in Romanian but from now on I'm sticking to English. It's an universal language and it may give you the chance to enter too. I say this because most of the RO only giveaway rules do not state that Romanian followers are the only ones allowed to participate, therefore I came to the conclusion that it's ok to enter any RO giveaway as long as you have some friend/relative in this country that could ship the prize later on, in case of a winning. So...I advise you to use Google Translate and follow the rules mentioned. Not to mention that RO girls are at least bilingual and they have no trouble in reading/writing in/speaking in English.

There's no particular order for the following and the first giveaway is hosted by Hypnotic A. and 3 lucky ladies will have the chance to win these:

As you have probably seen in the picture, the giveaway will end by 30.06.2011. Lots of luck!

Hurry up cause in a couple of hours Miuri's giveaway's gonna end. That's 12.06.2011 at 10PM (GMT+2). I quite forgot about it, don't ask why because I can't think of anything to set my mind off this very attractive prize:

Hurry up and enter here while you still got time!

And, of course, there's MooNy's giveaway going on, offering lots of branded products :D

Enter here, take a look and on 24.06.2011 will choose the giveaway's winner. Good luck, ladies! ;)

PS: I took this test called What NOT to wear, it's a style barometerand my results were that I should try harder :)) (I said it!) Have fun if you're taking it to, but don't cheat! Try to give honest answers!

PPS: Stay tuned because this week I'll be posting some advice on how to take care of your hair, tips, DOs and DON'Ts etc.

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