Friday, 27 May 2011

Fave Etsy shop of the day + WW giveaway

   Pocket mirrors are a must, I'm telling you! And since you take one with you wherever you go, why don't make the experience funnier, jollier, happier?
   The ones that don't need a cute little mirror in their bags/purses etc. should stop reading now. The rest of you, girl should take a look at PaperandPress' Etsy shop, where you can find all sorts! Caution: for those of you who fall in love easily, it's a risky thing: it may cause addiction. I did fall for these:

Red Ruby Slippers Pocket Mirror - can pe personalized
Fairy Dust Pocket Mirror

Black and White Houndstooth Pocket Mirror

Union Jack Pocket Mirror

Moving on to another Sigma giveaway, HERE's Deia offering to one lucky reader a  Travel E25 Blending Brush 

All you have to do is click HERE to enter and why not, maybe win! Lots of luck! Note that the GA ends June 10th.

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